7 eCommerce Apps to Manage your Business with your Smartphone

7 eCommerce Apps to Manage your Business with your Smartphone

Running your eCommerce business from your smartphone!

The eCommerce market has significantly shifted how smartphones and tablets work. As mobile shopping has become mainstream, both large and small businesses have changed their strategies to be more mobile-focused in recent years. This holiday season, 70% of shoppers shopped on their smartphones.

Creating an app or a mobile website for your business was not something you could do a few years back. But now, it’s a necessity. Attention eCommerce business owners. These apps will make your mobile business more efficient and valuable for customers and owners.

HubSpot Mobile

HubSpot CRM provides everything you need for managing, tracking, and nurturing your customers and leads. The best thing about HubSpot CRM is that it is 100% free for life.

Accessing your CRM from your mobile device will make your life much easier. The business card scanner allows you to scan business cards and convert them into CRM contacts while you are out networking. You don’t have to be concerned about losing that carton.

Live chat is the most valuable eCommerce function. Live chat allows you to exceed your potential and current customers’ expectations. It lets you give them the support they need whenever they need it. They don’t have to wait.


Hootsuite lets business owners see all the activity on their company’s social media accounts. It makes it easy to answer questions, respond to comments and engage with customers. A well-developed social presence on social media can make a big difference in building a community and generating repeat business. You can also schedule your Facebook posts and tweets in advance. This makes social media much more effortless. Hootsuite makes it easy to schedule posts for days, weeks, or months at once, making the job of a social media manager much easier.

Shopify Mobile

Shopify allows a business to reach customers through one platform. This can be online, in-store, or on social media. It is possible to sync orders and products across all sales channels. Shopify Mobile makes this even more accessible while allowing you to take payment and fill orders from your phone.

The Shopify mobile app has been updated to allow you to respond to chargeback disputes in-app, review all inventory changes within the last 30 days, and fulfill items via fulfillment services.


The Facebook app is used by people who do business online for many reasons. You can use Facebook to promote sales, increase brand awareness and quickly respond to queries on your business’s page. This app allows you to respond quickly to customer comments, whether positive or negative. To build brand loyalty, it is essential to keep customers engaged.


WordPress couldn’t be missing from our list. The WordPress app can be an excellent tool for constantly on-the-go eCommerce entrepreneurs. The WordPress mobile app allows you to update your website using your smartphone. You can also notify your followers about new website updates via the app’s social media plug-ins. WordPress is easy to use, even for those with limited technical skills.

Google Analytics

Ecommerce business owners are used to tracking page views, interactions, and click rates. Google Analytics allows you to determine which pages and marketing strategies are driving the most conversions. This app allows you to track pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and sign-ups from various search engines and platforms. This free app will help you plan a winning strategy for the following months.