Best Review Apps for Shopify in 2022

7 Best Review Apps for Shopify in 2022

Shopify’s best review apps are an excellent investment for businesses looking to convert more leads online. A good review app will help you establish credibility in today’s market. The truth is that around 9 of 10 customers will read reviews before purchasing a product.

Customers have many options to research and make informed purchases online. This includes reviewing the testimonials and reviews left by other customers.

A Shopify review app can help you save time searching for reviews about your brand. These apps enable you to post reviews on your website, product pages, checkout pages, and other places to convert your target audience.

Shopify Review Apps: The Top Picks

Shopify review apps are add-ons and integrations designed explicitly for Shopify’s eCommerce website builders. Shopify has many “add-ons” and integrations that make it one of the world’s most widely used website builders. Shopify has many review apps, but some are better than others.

So, which are the top Shopify review apps? Here are our top picks.

Product Reviews by Shopify

Shopify Product Reviews
Image Source: Shopify

Let’s begin with the most apparent review app for Shopify. Shopify created Product Reviews to allow companies to share their customers’ experiences online. This simple-to-use tool will help you increase sales by showing your audience happiness after purchasing your product.

Shopify’s Product Review app allows business owners to add customer reviews to their products. Customers can engage with this app, which encourages new sales. You can personalize anything without coding and have a theme-friendly design to match your store’s appearance.

Shopify Product Reviews offers bulk CSV import/export, bulk publishing, filtering and hiding, review management, and bulk publishing. You can also add review scores to Google search results.


Shopify Product Reviews is available for free. Although it is simple to use, it can be a great way to update your store automatically.


  • For reviews and testimonials, use the free service
  • It matches your existing theme
  • Available customization options
  • Bulk import and bulk export
  • It is simple to use


  • Not the most accessible settings-tweaking experience
  • The app’s features are pretty basic – In Reviews we trust
Image Source: is another excellent Shopify app that can be used to increase your online store’s social proof. Shopify’s app store lets you publish any review, even stars, and images. This Google-approved solution will even increase your online store’s SEO ranking. automates the process of adding customer reviews to your online store. It uses simple workflows that drive more traffic to your website. Google integration allows even novices to build trust in search engines and increase sales. Instagram also has an integration that allows you to access visual reviews quickly.

The widget is one of the most popular product review apps. It can be used to create shoppable Instagram galleries.


You can add free to your eCommerce platform if your store is small. You can place up to 25 orders per month using the free app. There are also photo and video reviews, an automated collection of reviews, and other features. The $45 monthly first package supports 50 monthly purchases, rich snippets, and social proof ads.

The most expensive package for $89 per month, includes support for 500 monthly orders, Google seller rating to increase customer ratings, and tools to set up review collection autopilot. Google Vitals will also be available to help increase conversions, such as Google seller ratings or Google Shopping Ads with star reviews.


  • A wide range of video and photo review options are available
  • Automated social proof options
  • Rich snippets of information and star reviews
  • Google integrations
  • Integrations with social media
  • You can increase your conversion rates by using A/B testing
  • Instant notifications
  • Easy-to-use design
  • Custom reviews page
  • Approval is required for positive results


  • High-end features can be costly
  • A slight learning curve Build your brand with Reviews is one of the best Shopify review apps. It simplifies the process of increasing sales through reviews. You can easily collect user-generated content in photos, videos, and comments. You can also import Instagram reviews to increase your social proof. allows you to showcase all types of customer content. This includes everything from checkout reviews and net promoter scores. Importing reviews from FB messenger and AliExpress is also possible. It’s easy to set up with just one click. You can also customize the experience to suit your brand using a variety of fonts and colors. powers top companies such as Colgate and HBO. This shows that it has a lot to offer. You’ll also find various features that will make your life easier. These include moderation to decide which reviews are published, intelligent reminders, topic filters, and multilingual support. You can assign review groups to specific products. offers a range of cross-selling opportunities and product recommendations. Customers can get coupons for product reviews, and will give reviewers coupons if they leave testimonials.

Pricing offers a free package that allows you to place up to 50 orders per calendar month. It also includes review and rating widgets, intelligent reminders, social sharing, and rich snippets. You can also upgrade to the $23 per month basic package, which includes a 7-day trial, 200 orders per calendar month, SMS credits, and more.

Premium packages start at $49/month, while business packages cost $119/month. These packages support more orders and bonus features such as sentiment analysis.


  • Generous free plan available
  • Many advanced features, such as sentiment analysis, are available
  • Innovative product upselling and cross-selling
  • Allows review collection from email, Facebook Messenger, and Aliexport
  • SEO-friendly structured data (rich snippets)
  • Reviews can appear on Google Shopping
  • Allows customer Q & A on product pages
  • 24/7 customer support, even on the free plan


  • Quite limiting free and basic plans
  • Getting all the apps and features you need can get quite expensive boost sales with product reviews
Image Source:

Another popular product review app and one of the most highly rated on the Shopify store is This allows companies to gather reviews and display them quickly. This solution allows you to create various review options so that customers can review products from their email inboxes.

Your pages can be used to show reviews and star ratings, which will help you improve your ranking in the Google search results. You can also get badges and on-site carousels. can help improve your brand and business’ appearance by showing how many satisfied customers you have. You can even get additional help from the 24/7 support team if you have questions about the technology.

A host of rich snippet features are available to companies, including the ability to import reviews from other sites like AliExpress. You can also use coupons to incentivize reviews and push them to Facebook and Twitter. Your reviews can also be customized to look great on your website.

Pricing, like many other top review apps on Shopify, offers a free version. This allows you to access unlimited product reviews, photos, video reviews, email reviews, and SEO snippets. You can also use the manual social push features.

Upgrade to the $15/month “Awesome” version, and you’ll receive all the features plus Q&A functionality and custom forms. You can add coupons, product groups, cross-shop syndication, Google Shopping Access, and your branding.


  • Rich snippets are great for SEO
  • There are many ways to upload reviews of different types
  • Importing from another site
  • Customers can get in-email reviews that make their lives easier
  • Numerous customization options


  • Only the free plan allows customization
  • There are no coupons for the paid plan


Beautiful, simple reviews+ for Wix and Shopify by Fera

Fera product review is a popular tool for visual reviews. It’s great when you need to share what customers love about your products or services. Customers love the easy-to-use application. They have excellent testimonials about it. Customers can upload photos and videos to your website.

Fera is simple and attractive. We offer a variety of widgets that can be customized to make your pages as professional as possible. To prove authenticity, you can issue “verified” badges for your customers to allow them to access product reviews and ratings on Google.

Fera can help you grow your social proof strategy with an automatic product photo and video. To encourage reviews, you can offer discounts or cashback.

The Shopify Fera app offers endless customization options and a quick and easy setup process. It can also integrate with other apps such as or Loox.


Fera is available as a free download for up to 10 order reviews and one active widget. The start-up package costs $9 per month and allows you to submit up to 100 order reviews, three active widgets, live chat support, and design customization.

For $29 per month, the small package includes 1000 order reviews, ten active widgets, and product grouping. A medium package costs $99 per month and includes 10,000 order reviews, 20 active widgets, priority support, multi-store syncing, priority support, and 20 active widgets.


  • Superb free and entry plans
  • Incentives can increase your feedback chances
  • Automated review request emails
  • Cashback and loyalty points
  • Theme built-in for reviewing
  • Fully customizable features
  • Google rich snippets support
  • Verified badges for display reviews
  • Excellent live support


  • Administrator users are subject to limitations
  • Missing some SEO enhancements and Analytics tracking
  • There are no developer options unless you pay for a better plan


Loox Product Reviews & Photos
Image Source: Spotify/Loox

Loox provides a comprehensive suite of features that allows you to collect customer reviews. It also helps you use it for social proofing on store pages.

You have many customization options, so you can decide how your review widget appears on your Shopify store. It’s highly adaptable and fully compatible with mobile versions.

You can choose which reviews should be published and interact with customers by adding quick replies to all published reviews.

Loox allows you to increase your Shopify store conversions. This is done by providing attractive discount codes for product reviews. Customers are encouraged to review products and can redeem the discount codes quickly, which eventually leads to successful purchases.

Your store reviews will automatically be enriched for Google searches. Shopify stores connected to Facebook can show all product reviews in a dedicated tab to bolster authenticity.


  • Automatic review request emails
  • Allows you to incentivize photo reviews with discounts
  • A plethora of review demonstration options, including carousels, pop-up and sidebar widgets, and galleries


  • You will need the Growth or Unlimited plan for full customization
  • No free plan
  • No video reviews and Google Shopping features on lower plans
  • Not the best review requests per month/price ratio


Loox provides a 14-day free trial to test its features. The basic plan will set you back for $9.99/month with limited customization features and 100 review requests per month.

For more review requests per month and full customization features, you will have to purchase one of the most expensive plans: Growth for $34.99/month and 300 review requests per month, Unlimited for $299.99/month, and unlimited review requests per month. Only the two most expensive plans provide full customization options. The limited number of automatic review requests in the Beginner and Growth plan aims to push users to the Unlimited plan.


Image Source: Yotpo

Yotpo is a popular choice among Shopify store owners looking for tools to promote social proof. Yotpo is a tool that allows you to collect reviews and photos. Automatically collect reviews via SMS, email, and pop-ups on your website. You can also use a one-click installation option for quick access.

A simple-to-use review tool that companies around the globe love is Yotpo. The service lets you show customer content online and quickly increases conversion rates. You can also increase your company’s visibility via search, thanks to the official partnership between Google & Yotpo.

You can share your reviews via Instagram and Facebook integrations. The system will flag any negative reviews you might need to be aware of immediately. You can install the system in your store with just one click. After that, you will receive 200 review credits and various widgets.

Additional features include integration with custom storefronts and Walmart syndication. 2-in-1 features allow you to collect product and site reviews.


You can get up to 200 additional review orders in your first month and 50 monthly orders with the free package. You can also send review requests emails, access social push, moderation, on-site widgets, and access review moderation. The Growth plan costs $15 per month and includes 50 monthly orders. It also offers all the free features, including photos and videos, carousel reviews, and rich snippets.

Growth 100 is $24/month and includes 100 monthly orders, all Growth features, and product and site reviews in one flow. Growth 250 is $49/month and includes 250 monthly orders, product and site reviews, and review carousels.


  • Service that works with existing tools is simple to use
  • Excellent SEO boost with rich snippets and Google Shopping
  • Social and on-page promotions
  • Automated review requests
  • Customizable review widgets and carousels
  • Show videos and photos
  • Customizable premium and enterprise plans
  • review syndication
  • Allows the the collection of reviews and UGC from multiple stores
  • Google shopping ads and seller ratings
  • The site and product reviews can be collected with a 2-in-1 feature
  • A vast array of integrations
  • Excellent support, even on the free plan


  • Limited free plan
  • You may have to jump straight to the Prime plan ($149/month) for the full set of features you need

Reviewing the Best Shopify Apps

Reviews and testimonials are the best way to increase your eCommerce company’s potential. Reviews are a vital component of any significant sales environment. Customers will be more inclined to purchase from companies that offer excellent customer service if they see you as a trustworthy company.

You can earn many testimonials and referral messages from clients using Shopify’s best review apps. These tools can also be customized for Shopify and are suitable for dropshipping businesses with solutions like printful or those who build products from scratch.

There are many ways to upload reviews. These can range from CSV file imports to links on social media. You should also ensure that your reviews can be added correctly, such as on your homepage, product pages, and review pages.

Your review apps will succeed more if they have simple, practical functionality. Good customer service, useful templates, and integrations to email marketing and other advertising tools will make them more effective.